Sonntag, 2. März 2014

Sabrina Cakmakli Fanpage

I'm really sorry about not keeping you up to date the last couple months on this homepage, but with all the other social medias coming up like Facebook, instagram, twitter, things get really busy ;-) I decided to create a Facebook Fanpage to inform everyone about my trips, adventures and competitions. So if you're keen to follow me on my skiing journey just head over to my Facebook Fanpage and push the like button ;-) I hope you like it.

 Thanks for all your support :)

Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2013

Back at it..New Zealand :)

It's been a while I wrote my last blogpost. The last time I uploaded a blog was right after my knee surgery, right now I'll tell you guys about me being back on skis after a 6 months rehab.

Since I had knee surgery in February I've been really busy with a proper rehab. I had Physio 3-4 times a week and a lot of different kinds of training to get my knee strong again. Once again I could reckon myself as a very lucky person because my knee progressed really fast right after the surgery. I walked on crutches for like 7 days, started cycling after 10 days and could do a bunch of stabilization exercises way faster than the average.

Lucky me, I was supposed to finish school this summer, which gave me not really a lot of time to think about skiing. So while I was busy in school, I did a lot of training and fortunately the time went by really fast.
When I look back right now, I'm kinda "satisfied" that I got injured otherwise I wouldn't have been able  to graduate that good in school as I did => Everything happens for a reason.

So after a couple of crazy weeks in june in school and some smashing parties, I was almost ready to get back on snow.

But before I was supposed to go back in the cold I granted myself a little bit of summer holidays.
First stop was Italy with all my girls from school, it's been an amazing graduation trip and I'm so happy about the last two years spending with those girls.


Then I've been to Turkey for one week with my best friend which was absolutely amazing. Getting a little bit tanned ;-)

Last stop before New Zealand was Italy again for a little bit of mountain biking with my mum.

Straight after Italy I had to go to Hintertux for an Intersport shooting, which was also my first day back on skis. It felt great to be back on skis and I'm so happy to be on Head skis for the upcoming season :)

Two days later I headed out to New Zealand for 2.5 months.

 I mostly skied rails the first couple weeks down here just to get my knee used to all those impacts again.

As soon as the first germans arrived, my coach had the idea to show me some basics in Halfpipe skiing. Right within the first couple runs in the Pipe I had loads of fun and kept on pipe skiing for the upcoming weeks. Exactly a day before the official training for the Halfpipe Worldcup my Coach surprisingly registered me for the Worldcup just for the experience and to get some FIS Points for the Worldranking. I obviously couldn't keep up with all the girls, who doing it for ages, but I was happy with my run and ended up 20th. That's ok for my first ever Halfpipe Worldcup. Thanks Coach for your support and for showing me that Halfpipe skiing is so much fun :)

Sven & myself => the german halfpipe team ;)

Right after the Worldcup I took part in the Parklife Invitational in Queenstown. A Rail jam in the middle of the town and a pretty big event over there. Unfortunately things didn't go my way and I ended up 2nd behind my girl Isabelle. Happy though about her win and about such a fun time skiing the rail setup with all the boys and girls.

Next event were the New Zealand Freeski Open. I decided to compete in Halfpipe again because at this point I still wasn't ready to do Slopestyle with my knee. The day of Halfpipe qualification was amazing, we had great weather, kinda spring conditions and a perfect pipe. I could step up my run a bit since the Worldcup and ended up 11th in total. Thanks Coach Caja for your support and for such an amazing day up the mountain :)


After skiing bike tour,-amazing view!

Right after the NZ Open the German Team unfortunately headed back home. At this point I want to thank my Coach Thomas, Sven, Caja, Lisa, Bene, Sebi and Flo for your great company down here and for the amazing time we spent together. Glad to be surrounded by such amazing people and such a great team.
And here are some impressions how I spent my last few weeks in New Zealand.

Fergburger with my beautiful german friends


Adventure trip with the Brits & Alice!

Amazing view,-it's been great to catch up with my danish friends Trine & Rasmus :)

Ice cream after skiing at the lake => hokey pokey best flavor!

Jumping off a bridge in Albertown into freezing cold water

Anna & me being some pirates on the Pirates day

Tired after pipe skiing

My beautiful roomie & me :)

Right now I'm skiing the glaciers around Austria and yes, I'm having a good time :)

Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

Ispo and knee surgery

Two and a half weeks ago I've been to Munich for the Ispo. I'm always really looking forward to this event because I love to see all the new products from the different brands and moreover it's great to meet a lot of friends there. I'm glad how all the visits with my sponsors turned out and I could find me a few times on the O'Neill wall, which made me really happy :)

On the way to Munich

One day after Ispo I finally had my knee surgery in Munich. I was super relaxed before the surgery, which is not typical for me. I didn't really care what they're going to do with me I just wanted to get it done in order to start my rehabilitation. Surgery went well but in addition to the new Acl, my doctor also had to reduce some pieces of both of my menisci due to the high damage. 
Right now, 2 weeks after the surgery, I can already walk without crutches and my knee feels better and better each day :-)

Montag, 28. Januar 2013

USA - good start with a bad end!

As you may know, I've headed to Colorado in mid of December for training and for the Worldcup in Copper with the german national team. Travels went all good and after 20 hours of flying and driving we finally arrived in Frisco, that's the place where we stayed.

Munich airport

Our nice poolhouse with hot tubs and a swimming pool

Our days were filled mainly with skiing until the afternoon and after that we either went to the gym or to a woodward session in Copper. Woodward has been so much fun, I could learn my first doubles from the trampoline into the foam pit. Unfortunately I've just been skiing in Keystone because the public park in Breckenridge hasn't been finished yet. But that was not so bad because the park in Keystone has been amazing, a bunch of jumps and so many rails, such a good playground ;-)

Stoffel and myself in Keystone

On the way to Keystone,-girls car

Smiling :-)

On the 24th of December we had a really great dinner all together, the boys cooked two turkeys,-so delicious ;-)

We've also been to Denver for a NBA Basketball Game, the Denver Nuggets against the LA Lakers. Such a great experience and a crazy atmosphere in this stadium.

After a bunch of good days skiing in Keystone, there were only a few days left up to NewYear's Eve. Skiing went well for me, I could learn some new tricks as well some unnatural spins. 

New Year's Eve has been really really funny. We kinda started to celebrate at 4pm, which was the time for the New Year back in Germany. We cooked pretty good food and just had an amusing time in our apartment with some beer pong action.(By the way, Lena & me kicked out all the boys and finished 2nd at the beer pong competition). At midnight we went out in a little pub in Frisco, where it didn't end that good for one of us ;-)

Happy New Year!

Starting into the new year, we had a couple of good days skiing in Keystone, actually the last ones before the training for the Worldcup began.

The first day Training in Copper for the Worldcup went down really good. Even though we just had one hour for training, which meant around 4 runs, I felt good on the course and on the jumps.

The next day we had a trainings session once again. The weather has been alright but it's been a little windy and the speed was a tiny bit scary. Nevertheless I wanted to do my tricks I planned to do. I dropped in for my last trainings run into the first jump for a switch 540, under rotated a little bit, landed backseat and heard a "pop" in my knee. I started screaming as loud as I could, not because of the pain but because I immediately knew I've blown my knee and the first thing in my head was "fuck,my season is over". It's been crazy how many thoughts went through my head in this short time. I just prayed and hoped that it's not my ACL, which is torn but when I tried to charge my knee I directly realized that my knee is not able to hold my weight anymore. We went to the hospital and they also confirmed that it's probably the ACL. 

I got an earlier flight back home in business class by my insurance, which has been really enjoyable. We had good food and I was able to sleep very well. After 20 hours of traveling I finally arrived back home.

I've also been to the MRI and the doctor yet. I torn my ACL, MCL and my meniscus. The doctor decided to wait a little bit in order to remove the swelling. Right now my knee feels alright, I don't have pain and I can walk without crutches. I'm just waiting to get surgery in one week so that I can start with my rehabilitation as soon as it's possible.